10 Best Algaecide For Fountains in 2021 – Ready

Algaecide for fountains can effectively prevent the growth of unwanted algae in water fountains and ponds. Algicide is a biocide that is used for controlling the unwanted growth of algae. Natural algicide such as barley straw is often used in the U.K to prevent algae growth in fountains as well as ponds, however it is banned in the United States. Hydrated lime, isoproturon, and copper sulfate are some of the synthetic algicides. If you plan to use algaecide for fountains that are used by birds or have fish in them, we highly recommend using non-toxic natural products like Fountec.

Natural algaecide or enzymes which are used for water treatment can also reduce bacteria, fish waste, etc. It can also clarify the water. Our team has conducted thorough market research and compiled a list of the best algaecide for fountains as well as ponds. In our research, we have compared more than 25 enzymes and also gone through 3500+ comments and reviews shared by users of shortlisted items. Our top pick from the below-provided list is the Microbe-Lift 32-Ounce Pond Bird Bath & Statuary Cleaner.

Keep the enzymes away from children and use them as directed for effective results.

Top 3 best algaecide for fountains

Bio-Zone Pond Enzyme Treatment – Ecofriendly Water Cleaner with Natural Reduces Bacteria, Fish Waste, Cloudiness –450 Grams Treats 15,000 Liters

Bio-Zone Pond Enzyme Treatment – Natural Reduces Bacteria

Tetra Pond Fountain Block 6 Count, Controls Algae Growth In Ornamental Fountains

Tetra Pond Fountain Block 6 Count, Controls Algae Growth


Microbe Lift 32-Ounce Pond Bird Bath & Statuary Cleaner 10SBSC

Top 10 best algaecide for fountains


9.9 Ratings

  • CONTROLS ALGAE Helps prevent algae growth in ornamental water fountains and ponds
  • SLOW RELEASE Blocks fully dissolve slowly after about 10 days
  • EASY TO USE One block treats between 30 and 280 gallons of water
  • CLEARS ALGAE BLOOMS Each block dissolves to control algae and clear algae blooms
Tetra Pond Fountain Block 6 Count, Controls Algae Growth In Ornamental Fountains
  • CLEAN & CLARIFY – A unique formula that breaks down sludge, bacteria and waste, it helps clear up cloudy water and reduce algae that makes water murky.
  • ELIMINATE ORGANIC WASTE – The Bio-Zone formula helps eliminate the buildup of fish waste, bacteria to reduce “green” water tops.
  • SAFE FOR PLANTS & WILDLIFE – Bio-Zone is completely safe and ecofriendly for fish, plants, water, toads, and other local wildlife. NATURAL FORMULA – Backed by all-natural and organic barley, our pond enzyme is a heavy duty pond cleaner and clarifier that’s safe and healthy.
  • HOW TO TREAT POND - Use one scoop from 60 grams to treat 2000 liter, it is about 528 us gallon (scoop is included), twice a week for the first two weeks in ornamental ponds for start-up season, and end of season, then start using once every two weeks for regular maintenance.
  • LARGE TREATMENT AREA – This pond cleaner enzyme lets you treat, protect and fortify up to 15,000 liters of water in ponds, fish tanks, and aquariums. try it, it is risk free, for 90 days of purchase if for any reason you didn't like it you will get a refund without any hesitate only by manufacturer creme dingenue inc..
Bio-Zone Pond Enzyme Treatment – Ecofriendly Water Cleaner with Natural Reduces Bacteria, Fish Waste, Cloudiness –450 Grams Treats 15,000 Liters
  • BioGuard Algae All 60 - 1 Quart
  • Works in chlorinated or brominated swimming pools to inhibit stubborn algae growth
  • Excellent for use with swimming pools with attached spas or fountains
  • BioGuard Algae All 60 will not effect your swimming pools delicate pH
  • 1 Quart Non-foaming Algicide
BioGuard Algae All 60 - Quart

8.7 Ratings

  • User-friendly, EPA registered algae remover that removes strong and persistent algae including most types, colors and forms of algae.
  • 50% concentration that can be applied directly to the water.
  • Non-metallic formula that won't cause staining.
  • Works best when it is added directly to pool water by itself in the area where the algae is the most severe. Turn off water features and keep agitation to a minimum to prevent excessive foam during treatment. Compatible with most swimming pool chemicals but should NEVER be mixed directly with chlorine or any other oxidizer.
  • Add 26 ounces of Skill-it Algaecide to each 50,0000 gallons of water (5.2 ounces per 10,000 gallons) or ratio thereof. Vacuum the pool after 24 hours to remove dead algae. If there algae are still visible, repeat the process until the pool is free of algae. Maintenance dose is 1.6 ounces per 12,500 gallons or 6.5 ounces per 50,000 gallons of water every three to five days or as necessary.
Bio-Dex Fast Acting Pool Algaecide Skill-It 32oz. SK132
Fountain Block Algae Control, 6 Blocks 0.3Oz (9g) Each
  • Product 1: Contains one (1) API POND ALGAEFIX Algae Control 32-Ounce Bottle
  • Product 1: Effectively controls green water algae, string and hair algae, blanketweed algae
  • Product 1: Controls green water to keep pond water clean and clear in ornamental ponds and water gardens
  • Product 1: Will not harm fish and plants when used as directed.
  • Product 2: Contains one (1) API POND ACCU-CLEAR Pond Water Clarifier 32-Ounce Bottle
API Pond ALGAEFIX Algae Control 32-Ounce Bottle, FISHAQUARI (169G) Pondcare Accu-Clear Water Clarifier, 32-Ounce
  • Fast acting and no chlorine needed
  • Kills and inhibits all types of algae growth in all types of water fountains and ponds
  • Treats over 2400 U.S. Gallons with recommended dosage: one drop per gallon of water per week
  • Keeps Water Crystal Clear and Algae-Free
  • Kills & Prevents Algae Growths
Fountec Fountain Algaecide Clarifier, 64 Ounce
  • BIRD BATH AND FOUNTAIN CLEANER: This gentle but fast-acting natural formula reduces the build-up of scale and mineral depositS.
  • EXTEND PUMP'S LIFE: With regular use, it will help to protect and extend the life of your pump.
  • FISH AND PLANT FRIENDLY: Helps to maintain a balanced ecosystem and is safe for fish and plants. Non-acid formula is safe for kids and pets.
  • MAKE YOUR DÉCOR SHINE: Whether it’s a fountain, waterfall, bird bath, or other water feature, this cleaner will make each shine crystal clear.
Spaces Places SBFCL8 8 Oz. Fast Acting Bird Bath and Fountain Cleaner Safe for Fish and Plants-Reduce Mineral Buildup, Natural

Frequently Asked Questions

You can definitely use PondCare Algaefix on a 15 gallon tank. API also sells the exact same Algaefix for aquariums. Pretty much the same product but different labels.

I’m not sure but it killed all of my fish I imagine that the hydroponic system is use for raising vegetables. In my opinion, I wouldn’t use it for edibles.