10 Best Bleach for Hair in 2020

You must be looking for DIY hair bleach kits that you want to apply your own and get results like Professional hair bleaching done at Hair Spa. Though market through tons of options to buy from, we caution you to choose a hair bleach kit carefully. Before starting an experiment with your hair, let’s discuss the hair bleach in brief. Hair bleaching is a process that changes the natural shades of hair to more lighter platinum blonde. The effect also depends upon your hair properties and natural colour. Most of the cheap products available in the market use harmful chemicals in their solution that damage your hair in the long term. Potential users also fear losing hair after using bleach, but we can confidently say that’s a myth. Yes, users do experience breakage and split ends in the long run. But this effect can be minimized by using products having essential vitamins and oils with healing property. As for the effectiveness, bleach for hair can last up to 4 weeks. We cannot guarantee the effectiveness of the product as it depends on multiple factors like growth speed, the thickness of your hair, etc.

To clear your confusion and assist you in buying, we have prepared the list of best bleach for hair available in the market. To create this list, we have extensively reviewed more than 50 products. We have also gone through the 6500+ user experiences and reviews they posted online on different forums before recommending you any of the products below.

Top 3 Best Bleach for Hair

Manic Panic Flash Lightning Hair Bleach Kit - 40 Volume Cream Developer - Hair Lightener Kit for Light, Medium Or Dark Brown & Black Hair Color - Hair Bleach Powder Lifts up to 7 Levels of Lightening

Manic Panic Flash Lightning Hair Bleach Kit – 40 Volume Cream Developer

Clairol BW2 Powder Lightener for Hair Coloring, 8 oz

Clairol BW2 Powder Lightener for Hair Coloring, 8 oz

Bond Angel Plex Effect, Bond Multiplier Treatment Kit for Bleaching and Coloring protection for All Hair Types - 100ml Step1,2,2

Bond Angel Plex Effect, Bond Multiplier Treatment Kit for Bleaching

Top 10 Best Bleach for Hair

  • PROTECTS from hair damage during any thermal, mechanical, chemical treatment, bleaching, and coloring.
  • PREVENTS BREAKAGE received during hair bleaching. Create 100% platinum blond, with maximum safety and high quality of each hair fiber.
  • STEP 3 is sold separately
  • #1 BOND RECONSTRUCTION PRODUCT IN BRAZIL. A rich formula consisting of natural extracts and microelements paired with advanced scientific developments gives an incomparable result and provides the maximum effect from any procedure performed.
  • AMAZING LONG LASTING RESULTS. Bond Angel makes hair strong. The result remains for many weeks: beautiful, bright, soft and manageable hair.
Bond Angel Plex Effect, Bond Multiplier Treatment Kit for Bleaching and Coloring protection for All Hair Types - 100ml Step1,2,2
  • Minimize powder fly-away.
  • Contains a moisture-sealing humectant.
  • Provides colorists ultimate creative control over the lightening process.
Clairol BW2 Powder Lightener for Hair Coloring, 8 oz
  • 40 VOLUME CREAM DEVELOPER - This hair bleaching kit lifts hair up to seven levels. A premium hair lightener, this kit prepares your mane for intense Manic Panic hair dye colors.
  • DUST-FREE BLEACH POWDER - The dust-free bleach powder helps to gently prepare hair for intense vivid colors during the lightening process. This hair bleaching kit ensures the hair lifts evenly for results you’ll love.
  • HAIR BLEACH KIT INCLUDES: One dust-free bleach powder, one 40 volume cream developer, one mixing tub, one tint brush, one plastic cap, one set of plastic gloves, and instructions for use. PLEASE NOTE: Gloves & Cap are inside the mixing tub.
  • CRUELTY FREE, VEGAN FORMULA – This bleaching kit features vegan ingredients tested on celebrities, not animals. This bleach kit is vegan, cruelty free and PETA accredited.
  • INTENDED USE - This Hair Bleach Powder & 40 Volume Cream Developer is intended for natural medium brown, dark brown, & black hair color to achieve medium blonde to very light blonde results.
Manic Panic Flash Lightning Hair Bleach Kit - 40 Volume Cream Developer - Hair Lightener Kit for Light, Medium Or Dark Brown & Black Hair Color - Hair Bleach Powder Lifts up to 7 Levels of Lightening
  • Prevent Damage during the bleaching, coloring, perming and relaxer applications. Contains 1 – 8oz Bond Maker #1 ,1 – 8oz Bond Reinforcer #2
  • Easy to use with color, bleach, perms, relaxer / straighteners to protect and repair the hair. Can also be used outside of chemical services as a strengthening treatment
  • Builds and enforces strong structural bonds, reduces breakage by 98%. Does not interfere with the chemical service, compatible with all brands
  • Patent Pending formula does not require alterations to developer strength or timing
  • Free of Sulfates, Parabens, DEA, MI. Never tested on animals
ALL hd PLEX bond treatment up to 80 application Italian formula Kit for Bleaching, Coloring, Perm and Relaxer application protection for All Hair Types, up to 80 Application Large Kit
  • Intense and vibrant color results
  • Highest quality ingredients
  • For care and gentle-on-hair results
Wella Blondor Multi Blonde Powder Lightener, 28.2 Ounce
  • The package dimension of the product is 6.3"L x 4"W x 3.7"H
  • The package weight of the product is 1.4 pounds
  • Country of origin is United States
  • Each unit count: 1.0
Schwarzkopf Professional Blond Me Premium Lift 9 - 15.8 oz
  • 6% (20 volume) — the strength for conventional bleaching or for toning on naturally light (level 8 or above) blonde hair.
  • Schwarzkopf BlondMe Premium Developer Oil Formula is a luxuriously caring professional developer specially formulated to work in harmony with BlondMe Toning and BlondMe Lightener.
  • With a high concentration of nourishing mineral oil, BlondMe Developer supports the natural moisture balance of your clients' hair.
  • This rich formula also ensures a reduced water level in the developer which prevents the dilution of color, alkalizers and peroxides.
  • Its caring formula supports hair's natural moisture balance which ensures your new blondes have brilliant shine and a wonderfully soft feel to their hair.
Schwarzkopf Professional Blonde Me Premium Developer Oil Formula 33.8 oz/1000ml (6% ; 20 Volume)
  • EXPRESS YOURSELF WITH ‘N Rage: Rock different hair colors that match your mood with ‘N Rage White Out Kit. It’s a 2-step system that takes bleaching to the next level, so you can achieve the color that you want as you want it!
  • YOUR ALL-IN-ONE BLEACH KIT: Achieve vivid, long-lasting ‘N Rage color results by pre-lightening dark hair with this all-in-one kit. ‘N Rage White Out Kit works with off-the-scalp 10-Minute Bleach formula that is activated with 40 Volume Activator for fast lightening and the White Out Conditioning Toner that eliminates dullness resulting in a brighter white hair.
  • GO BEYOND BLEACH: From brilliant hair color, imaginative to vibrant or bold, ‘N Rage White Out Kit can nail it all for you! Great for hair frosting and highlighting, good on any hair color and texture and is easy to apply. With ‘N Rage Bleach, your hair is a statement of your confidence.
  • PERFECT FOR SALON OR HOME USE: ‘N Rage White Out Kit is the go-to bleach of professional hair experts to achieve maximum lightening of hair and it’s so easy to use that you can even do it at home!
  • ULTIMATE BLEACHING KIT: ‘N Rage products offer washable color solutions for over-all bleaching that don’t stain, long-lasting, ideal for all hair types, textures and natural hair color levels and is easy to apply with super fast result. Bleach your hair with ‘N Rage White Out Kit to achieve a more intense hair color you’ve always wanted.
'N Rage Bleach & Toner Kit, White Out Kit Pre Color Hair Bleach Kit
  • FERIA IS MULTI-FACETED PERMANENT HAIR COLOR: Known for shimmering color & edgy colors, Feria permanent hair dye kits transform hair from blah to brilliant. The Power Shimmer Feria Conditioner seals & smooths for lasting bold color that will turn heads.
  • MULTI-TONAL, SHIMMERING FERIA HAIR COLOR: With 50+ bold shades ranging from deepest black hair dye to platinum blonde & smoky silver hair dye, Feria hair color kits are inspired by cutting-edge fashion & the latest trends, no salon appointment required.
  • L'OREAL PERMANENT HAIR COLOR: L'Oreal Paris Hair Color comes in multiple formulations and styles to deliver long-lasting color, from fade-defying Superior Preference, to bold, stylish Feria, and gray-coverage from Excellence Crème.
  • LONG LASTING HAIR COLOR: Get beautiful color from L'Oréal Paris hair color; permanent, semi-permanent, temporary hair color, & root cover up. Cover gray hair, highlight, go bold with bright color, or even try an ombre hair color.
  • L'OREAL PARIS INNOVATION: We are a total beauty care company that combines the latest in technology with the highest in quality for the ultimate in hair color, hair care, hair style, skin care & cosmetics.
L'Oreal Paris Feria Multi-Faceted Shimmering Permanent Hair Color, 205 Bleach Blonding (Extra Bleach Blonde), Pack of 1, Hair Dye
  • Product of L'Oreal
  • Pack of 2
L'Oreal Quick Blue Powder Bleach, 1 oz (Pack of 2)

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, bleach can hurt your scalp and give you a severe headache if not handled with care. Continuous use of bleach can also lead to split ends.

We should not apply bleach on our hair using bare hands as it burns your skin instead use plastic gloves and tint brush for better, healthier results.