10 Best Bottle Nipples For Rice Cereals of 2020

Bottle Nipple for Rice cereals are available in different designs and offer multiple flow speed and quality. Parents looking for the best bottle nipple to feed their kids rice cereals have to look into various aspects of the bottle and nipples before they can consider it for buying, as the product is related to their kid’s health. Many parents start including cereals into their babies’ food at an age of 4-6 Months. The problem parents face while giving thick food formula to babies is the nipple of the bottle. A generic milk feeding bottle doesn’t allow the uninterrupted flow of rice cereal from the nipple. The design of the feeding nipple is different from those used for only milk feeding.

The bottle is considered to be safe for babies only when they follow all the safety standards. The bottle manufactured with BPA Free Plastic and Y cut nipple are the must-have features of a good baby food feeder. In the market, you will find multiple bottle nipples manufacturers that claim to produce the best bottle nipple for rice cereals. If bought wisely, a bottle feeder can prove a life-saver tool for parents. As this product is for your baby, we caution you to take extra care while considering any products.

We have conducted extensive research on the customer experiences (Both positive and negative) and studied problems faced by users regarding these types of products. After acquiring knowledge and browsing through 150+ products, we have come up with a list of best bottle nipples for rice cereals that is safe for your baby.


Top 3 Bottle Nipples For Rice Cereals

Dr. Brown's Original Nipple, Y-Cut (9m+), by Dr. Brown's

Dr. Brown’s Original Nipple, Level 3 (6m+)

Nuby EZ Squee-Z Silicone Self Feeding Baby Food Dispenser - Colors May Vary

Nuby EZ Squee-Z Silicone Self Feeding Baby Food Dispenser

Comotomo Replacement Nipples, Variable Flow/Y-cut - 2 Count, 3 packs

Comotomo Y Cut Nipple

Top 10 Bottle Nipples For Rice Cereals

Comotomo Replacement Nipples, Variable Flow/Y-cut - 2 Count, 3 packs
  • Soft silicone food dispenser with a bulb shaped feeding pouch at the end that releases pureed and semisolid foods. Hygienic cover keeps bulb clean when not in use.
  • The squeezable silicone bottle and pressure-sensitive valves in the feeding pouch are ideal for feeding baby and safe for them to use as well.
  • The valves on the feeding pouch prevents drips and spills while being gentle to baby's gums and emerging teeth by restricting the flow of pureed food without pressure on the bottle or bulb.
  • Easily fill the silicone base with the desired amount of food by twisting and squeezing the connector ring. Graduation markings in oz & ml allow are labeled on the bottle.
  • 3 months + / BPA FREE/ Colors may vary. You will get one of the following colors: aqua, green, pink
Nuby EZ Squee-Z Silicone Self Feeding Baby Food Dispenser - Colors May Vary
Dr. Brown's Original Nipple, Y-Cut (9m+), by Dr. Brown's
Avent Airflex 6m+ Teats for Thick Feeds x2
  • Replacement silicone nipples
  • Level 4 is ideal for feeding more aggressive eaters
  • Exclusive for Dr. Brown's Natural Flow Standard baby bottles
  • Dishwasher safe top rack only
  • You will receive a total of 8 nipples
Dr. Brown's 2 Pack Natural Flow Level 4 Standard Nipple (12 Count)

8.7 Ratings

  • Each Level 2 Nipple has same consistent flow, so both you and baby know what to expect
  • Made of super-soft, high-grade silicone
  • Fits Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Bottles and Dr. Brown’s Options Bottles
  • The suggested age range for the Level 2 nipple is 3 months+ but baby’s preferred flow rate may vary
  • BPA free
Dr. Brown's Original Wide-Neck Nipple, Level 2 (3m+), 6-Pack
  • Designed to eliminate nipple confusion issues
  • Made of 100 percent safe hygienic silicone
  • Dual anti colic vents prevent unwanted air intake and reduce colic
  • Naturally shaped, soft, silicone nipples that are ideal for breastfed babies
  • Safe in microwave, boiling water, dishwashers and sterilizers
Comotomo Silicone Replacement Nipple, Variable Flow, Y-Cut (Thicker fluids), 2 Count
  • Y-cut nipple designed to allow thickened formula or breast milk to flow without clumping
  • Breast-like shaped bottle nipple for a natural latch, smooth silicone feels closer to skin – acceptance guaranteed*
  • Anti-colic valve in nipple reduces air ingestion and discomfort for baby
  • Replacement nipples available in extra slow flow, slow flow, medium flow, fast flow, variable flow, and Y-cut for thicker feeds
  • Compatible for use only with Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature milk bottles
Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Added Cereal Baby Bottle Feeding Nipple Replacement, Y-Cut Nipple, Breast-Like Nipple, 6+ Months, 2 Count
  • BPA-Free and made of soft, durable, flavorless silicone
  • Clinically proven to reduce colic and discomfort
  • Nipple features 4 holes and are designed for babies at least 6 months old
  • Includes 2 Fast Flow Nipples
  • Anti colic valve promotes active feeding with less air in baby's tummy to reduce fussiness and colic
Philips Avent BPA Free Classic Fast Flow Nipple, 2-Pack

Frequently Asked Questions

BPA is an industrial chemical used in the preparation of nipples which is bad for the child as it interferes with hormones inside our body. While buying nipples we should always check for BPA free tag on it.

Nipples come in 6 types which are divided on the basis of age as well as food type.