10 Best Paper Plate Brands in 2020

Puzzled which paper plate brands to choose from, let us help. A paper plate is a disposable tableware. Other than fast food and takeaway points, these plates are commonly used in barbecues, Weddings, and Birthday parties. Used on various occasions, a compostable paper plate not only saves money, but they are environment friendly too. The reason we are saying that these plates are eco-friendly is that they minimize water wastage otherwise required for cleaning of reusable plates as well as they can be used to make compost. Paper plates are made using materials like biodegradable paper, cardboard, sugarcane fiber, etc. In comparison to plastic plates, these are more healthier options. Paper plates are usually soaked proof and microwave safe, also require less storage space.   

Amazon Basic, Glad, and Solo Cups are some of the popular paper plate brands. They also produce bowls, cups, and other compostable tableware. We have conducted market research and created a list of the best paper plate brands. To compile this list, we have compared 25 different plate brands and studied 4000+ user comments. User comments help us to verify the claims made by all the shortlisted brands. Our top pick from the below-provided list is the Compostable plates sold by the Amazon Basic Store. Plates sold by Amazon basic comes in multiple sizes ranging from 6-Inch to 10 Inch. You can also opt for 3 compartment plates.

All the below-listed products come in multiple pack sizes, from smaller 50 pack sizes to a bigger wholesale pack, choose as per your need.

Top 3 Paper Plate Brands

SOLO Cup Company Any Day Paper Plates, 8.5 Inch, 376 Count, Printed

SOLO Cup Company Any Day Paper Plates

Glad Round Disposable Paper Plates for All Occasions | New & Improved Quality | Soak Proof, Cut Proof, Microwaveable Heavy Duty Disposable Plates | 10' Diameter, 50 Count Bulk Paper Plates

Glad Round Disposable Paper Plates for All Occasions

AmazonBasics Compostable Plates, 9-Inch, Pack of 500

AmazonBasics Compostable Plates, 9-Inch, Pack of 500

Top 10 Paper Plate Brands

  • Compostable in commercial facilities. Appropriate facilities may not exist in your area.
  • Makes it easy to serve food in sleek, convenient style
  • Stackable for space-saving storage
  • Great for parties, barbecues, and catered events
  • Backed by an AmazonBasics 1-year limited warranty
AmazonBasics Compostable Plates, 9-Inch, Pack of 500
  • SAME RELIABLE QUALITY, NEW LOOK — These plates are currently transitioning to an updated design. Some customers may receive our current print, but we know they’ll both make you Glad
  • MICROWAVEABLE AND CUT RESISTANT — These disposable plates are microwave safe and cut resistant. Glad round plates can be used for your appetizer or main course
  • SOAK PROOF — Glad blue and white paper plates are coated with our exclusive soak proof coating to keep even the messiest foods from penetrating the surface
  • SUPER DURABLE — These round paper plates are durable and convenient. Say goodbye to washing dishes when you use these disposable decorative paper plates
  • PERFECT FOR SPECIAL OCCASIONS AND EVERYDAY — Convenient paper plates will enhance your dinner party, summer picnic, or any meal time!
Glad Round Disposable Paper Plates for All Occasions | New & Improved Quality | Soak Proof, Cut Proof, Microwaveable Heavy Duty Disposable Plates | 10' Diameter, 50 Count Bulk Paper Plates
  • Contains 376 - 8.5 Inch Paper Plates (4 Bags, 94 Plates Per Bag)
  • The ultimate party plate - Steep sidewalls accommodate messy and hefty foods for holidays, BBQs, birthdays and all celebrations.
  • Compostable - Can be composted in a commercial composting facility.
  • Contemporary Designs - Fun prints and bright colors make any table, lap, or picnic table look great.
  • Leak and Cut-Resistant Coating - Great for messy foods! From the Maker of the Original Party Cup - Achieve iconic party status.
SOLO Cup Company Any Day Paper Plates, 8.5 Inch, 376 Count, Printed
  • Disposable paper plate for lunches, salads, appetizers, and other dishes
  • Coated with the Dixie Soak Proof Shield, which is composed of a proprietary mix of materials and helps resist moisture and grease
  • Multi-layer paper construction to help resist cuts and provide strength and rigidity
  • Plate's printed green and brown leaf pathways pattern coordinates with other pathways line products (sold separately)
  • Wise Size product packing offers compact packaging for efficient storage and to help reduce shipping carton sizes
Dixie 9” Medium-Weight Paper Plates by GP PRO (Georgia-Pacific), Pathways, UX9WS, 500 Count (125 Plates Per Pack, 4 Packs Per Case)
  • These white paper plates take up 1/3 of the storage space of foam plates
  • Free of inks & dyes, white disposable plates coordinate with any decor
  • A sustainable option, Dixie basic plates are recyclable (1)
  • Perfect for lightweight meals & snacks, convenient microwave safe plates resist cuts & soak through
  • Coordinate with other Dixie basic bowls, cutlery & napkins
Dixie Basic 8.5” Light-Weight Paper Plates by GP PRO (Georgia-Pacific), White, DBP09W, 500 Count (125 Plates Per Pack, 4 Packs Per Case)
  • ✅Convenient & Eco-Friendly: There's no longer a need to sacrifice convenience for going green. Our Biodegradable plates take the best of both worlds. Using by-products of sugar cane, you can enjoy a guilt-free easy cleanup. Perfect for picnics, BBQ's and any family get together!
  • ✅Made With Sturdy & Durable Plant Fibre: The GreenTree plates use durable plant fibre in their construction. These fibres are naturally stronger and more durable than traditional paper plates. Our plates feature a beautiful natural beige color, which compliment any occasion!
  • ✅Made Without Toxins: GreenTree plates are proud to offer all natural products. Our products are free of harmful bleaches, chemicals, and petroleum products. They are food grade and perfectly safe. All this without producing a carbon footprint.
  • ✅Microwave & Freezer Safe: Our plates are safe for hot and cold foods alike. They're also safe to put in the microwave, oven or even freezer. Keep your foods at ideal temperatures with ease, with GreenTree!
  • ✅Backed By The Green Tree Guarantee!: We're proud to be making environmentally conscious products that are functional. So if you're not 100% satisfied with your order, contact our support team. We'll issue you your money back, NO QUESTIONS ASKED!
GreenTree 100% Biodegradable 10 in. Disposable Plates [100 Pack] | Paper Plates Substitute | Large Eco Friendly Plate | Bagasse Plate Made with All Natural Sugarcane | Microwave Safe Plate
  • EVERYDAY DINNERWARE: Make cleanup easy with these disposable paper plates. With this value pack, there are plenty plates for you to serve your family or guests multiple courses.
  • PERFECT FOR ANY OCCASION: These plates are great for big family meals, banquets, catered events, picnics, birthdays, parties, barbeques, camping, and other indoor or outdoor functions.
  • MADE IN THE USA: Made of durable paper material, these plates are refrigerator and microwave safe.
  • GREAT VALUE PACK: Save money by ordering this value pack of 500 paper plates. Each plate has a 9. 0" diameter, large enough for serving guests for catered events.
Stock Your Home 9-Inch Paper Plates Uncoated, Everyday Disposable Plates 9' Paper Plate Bulk, White, 500 Count
  • This Comfy Package [125 Pack] 9 inch eco-friendly heavy-duty paper-like disposable plates is perfect for serving hot or cold with space for a main and 2 sides.
  • 100% Sugarcane Fiber - Made of 100% bagasse sugarcane fiber which makes the paper plates 100% compostable and biodegradable.
  • Heavy-duty Plates - With no plastic or wax lining it's designed with superior strength and is cut-resistant and leak-resistant and won't break or crack even with a full plate of pressure.
  • Wide Rime - The wide and high rim makes it the perfect plate to serve saucy foods without worrying about spills and messes.
  • Classic White Color - With its bright white color, it'll add sparkle and richness to any party, event or dinner while creating a clean and fresh canvas for any type of food.
100% Compostable 9 Inch Heavy-Duty Plates [125 Pack] Eco-Friendly Disposable Sugarcane Paper Plates
  • 9” paper plates: serve full meals in convenient style compostable food plates. Perfect to serve a main dish with sides. The biodegradable plates Makes a great choice for your daily meals or restaurants, food trucks, to-go orders, special events, and other types of food service environments.
  • 100% sugarcane fiber: The nine-inch plate is made of 100% sugarcane fiber, a sustainable, renewable, and biodegradable material. A great alternative to traditional paper or plastic, The disposable plate offers the same sturdy function and easy cleanup, yet it’s completely tree- and plastic-free.
  • 100% compostable: since it’s made from 100% sugarcane fiber, The plate can be commercially composted (no need to send it to a landfill). the plate offers a disposable design that will degrade quickly, which means convenient cleanup for you, your customers, and the planet. This product meets ASTM D6400 or D6868 and is intended to be composted in a municipal or commercial facility operated in accordance with best composting management practices.
  • Hot or cold use: these plates can be used for hot or cold food items. It offers reliable strength and does not contain any plastic or wax lining. These plates are microwavable & freezable. Oil and cut-resistant note: hot foods can cause the plates to perspire and condensation to form at the bottom.
  • Perfect for any occasion: with a wide range of products and a classic design, Stack Man provides premium environmental -friendly products and Peace of mind that you are providing all-natural organic tableware for your family and friends. Perfect for camping, picnics, lunches, catering, BBQs, events, parties, weddings and restaurants.
100% Compostable 9 Inch Paper Plates [125-Pack] Heavy-Duty Plate, Natural Disposable Bagasse Plate, Eco-Friendly Made of Sugarcane Fibers - Natural Unbleached Brown 9' Biodegradable Plate by Stack Man
  • Mediumweight made in the USA paper plates that are ideal for your everyday dry foods like sandwiches, cake, pizza, vegetables, etc.
  • As microwave-safe plates, you can conveniently warm up food in the microwavable.
  • 300 Value Pack - Save money while keeping your pantry stocked for everyday use, special occasions, or unexpected guests.
  • Designed to be stackable for convenient travel and easy neat pantry or office storage.
  • With a nice classic white color, it's a great choice for crafts to let your child's imagination fill the blanks.
[300 Pack] Bulk Disposable White Uncoated Paper Plates, 9 Inch Large

Frequently Asked Questions

Thermocol plates take more than 40 years to decompose and cause dirty in the surrounding and also breaks very easily. Eating anything hot on thermocol plate is really dangerous as chemicals may get in you food on the other hand paper plates are easy to handle and decompose very easily.

There are total 3 types of paper plate available in the market which are the easily decomposable that starts breaking down after 30 minutes of getting in contact with water, slow decomposable that decomposes with in 2-3 days, and the paper coated paper plate that stays intact for a longer period of time.