10 Best Responsive Yoyo in 2020

Yoyos are not only great time pass but also to enhance your concentration and control. You can learn new tricks and impress your friends and family. Responsive Yoyos are most liked by people who have already practiced on unresponsive yoyos and want to try something new. We have listed best responsive yoyos available online so you can order one easily for you. Responsive Yoyos are available on all design and colours that can confuse people so we have reviewed almost all of them to select the best.

Yoyos are made out of wood, metal, and plastic, whereas professional yoyos are made out of polycarbonate fiber. There are many companies and their design team working on yoyos to improvise their design and material to get a perfect responsive yoyo. We would suggest you choosing a yoyo that has a high-speed Aluminium bearing and string that can prevent the loss of responsiveness. A yoyo made of aluminium will be more durable, A transaxle yoyo will have plastic sleeve or spool inserted over axle to get long smooth spins.

Top 3 responsive yoyos

MAGICYOYO Responsive YoYo K1-Plus with Yoyo Sack + 5 Strings and Yo-Yo Glove Gift (Blue)

MAGICYOYO Responsive YoYo K1-Plus with Yoyo Sack ,  3 Strings and Glove Gift

YoyoFactory Multi Setting Velocity High Performance YoYo - Adjustable for both Beginners & Experts - Stainless Steel Bearing for Improved Spin - Includes Spare String and Guide - Boys or Girls Ages 8+

YoYoFactory Velocity YO YO

2 Legendary Yomega Spinners The Original Yoyo With A Brain And Fireball Transaxle Yo-Yo. Perfect Gift For Kids, Beginner, Intermediate And Pro Level String Trick Play. Includes 5 Extra Strings

2 Legendary Yomega Spinners The Original Yoyo With A Brain

Top 10 responsive yoyos

  • THE ORIGINAL YOMEGA BRAIN - The Longest Spinning Auto Return Yo-yo - Opens On The Down Swing For Long Smooth Spins. As Spin Time Slows, The Clutch Engages And The Yoyo Comes Back To The Hand Automatically
  • THE YOMEGA FIREBALL - High Performance Professional Yoyo for Intermidiate And Advanced Play. The Responsive Play Is The Best Choice For The Intermediate Player Who Wants To Perfect String Tricks. It Is Also A Great Choice For The Advanced Player Who Wants To Perfect Looping Skills.
  • BEST YOYOS FOR KIDS OF ALL AGES TO PERFORM LIKE PRO'S!: With The Brain Auto Return Yo-yo That Returns To The Hand Automatically So That Even Beginners Can Easily Learn The Basics, Or The Fireball that will advance their skills to perform a wide variety of tricks.
  • STRING TRICKS: Every kid, or kid at heart, can “Walk the Dog” or going 'Around the World' and feel the satisfaction that comes with mastering all the classic tricks.
  • The Perfect Gift for Holidays and for your kids to improve coordination and improve hand skills and trick play
2 Legendary Yomega Spinners The Original Yoyo With A Brain And Fireball Transaxle Yo-Yo. Perfect Gift For Kids, Beginner, Intermediate And Pro Level String Trick Play. Includes 5 Extra Strings
  • ITS THE YOYO OF THE 21ST CENTURY! The patented Velocity is the first yoyo of its kind. By turning the Adjust-O-Matic Dials on each side of the yoyo, the Velocity can be transformed from a classic up-and-down yoyo into a modern long-spin beast! This is the most versatile yoyo that you can buy!
  • FINE TUNED PERFORMANCE FOR ANY LEVEL- Whatever skill level you are at the Velocity is ready to perform for whatever you can throw at it! Easy-to-Pro and for the youngest to the most polished, this yoyo will execute whatever you want it to do!
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION AND EASY ASSEMBLY - Each of our yoyo’s are built with Ultra Impact resistant plastic to allow it to take a beating, YoYos are meant to be fun. Each “take apart design” will allow you to quickly untangle it when you have to reset
  • BUILT TO PERFORM THE MOST MODERN OF TRICKS - Built to be used in most modern tricks and styles our Yoyo’s are made for the hobbyist to the modern yoyoer. Our Yoyos are made to be able to perform relevant tricks and performances!
  • YOYOFACTORY CHAMPIONSHIP DESIGNS- Used by world champions we pride ourselves on creating excellent yoyos for everyone, beginners, hobbits and professionals alike keep coming back for our award winning designs. Yoyo’s are a fun alternative to do when you are just relaxing and sitting around!
YoyoFactory Multi Setting Velocity High Performance YoYo - Adjustable for both Beginners & Experts - Stainless Steel Bearing for Improved Spin - Includes Spare String and Guide - Boys or Girls Ages 8+
  • Responsive Yoyo K1, K1-Plus come with regular flating bearing
  • Heavier than before, and have more fun without weighting rings
  • made by ABS, Style String Trick (1A, 3A, 5A). A perfect toy for kids, friends, families, etc. Recommended for Kids Daily Practicing or Competition.
  • Free gift: Yoyo glove(for left and right hand), yoyo bag and 5 replacement yoyo strings (Random Color)
  • If There is A String Get Stuck: 1.Remove the string firstly 2.Take a look at whether the ball is loose and the two hemispheres must be tightened well 3. Attach the string properly.(The most important thing)
MAGICYOYO Responsive YoYo K1-Plus with Yoyo Sack + 5 Strings and Yo-Yo Glove Gift (Blue)
  • 【Excellent Performance】original Magicyoyo, Red& Blue & Silver, 6061 Aluminum made, matte finishing, with standard slim responsive bearing. Stable and Balanced HIGH speed routines
  • 【Easy Yoyo for 8+ years Kids】 V6, a Responsive yo-yo professional, String Trick (1A, 3A, 5A), Ideal first yo-yos for beginner. More practice done, more exciting tricks get, as do all your school friend
  • 【Playing Tips】 1, While the yo yo is spinning, it will come back to your hand with a gently tug on string. 2, If the yo-yo do not come back sensitively, advise to add few lubricating oil or rust-proof oil into the bearing(add the oil between the balls of the bearing)
  • 【Present Package】Yoyo with yoyo's glove, storage pouch, 5 strings into a Decent Box, great Birthday, Thanksgiving Days, Christmas gift choice for your boys / girls / adults or friends
  • Nice way to keep the kids off the Internet, and off from the sofa in front of the television
MAGICYOYO Responsive Yoyo Ball V6 LOCUS Blue Red Silver Alloy Yoyo for Kids Beginners with Bag Glove 5 Strings
  • PRO ALUMINUM BALL BEARING YOYO - Aircraft Aluminum 6061 High Speed Professional Responsive Yoyo Design.
  • BEGINNER TO PRO RESPONSIVE YOYO - Increase Your Yoyo Tricks As You Advance - Long Sleep And Spin Or Wake Simply Snapping Your Wrist For Responsive Yoyo To Return.
  • BEAUTIFUL REVERSE COLORWAYS - Anodized Reverse Splash Patterns For A Unique Style. Every Yoyo Hand Splash Pattern Is One Of Kind.
  • PROFESSIONAL SIZE YOYO - 56MM (2.20 Inches) Diameter x 44MM (1.73 Inches) Width / Weight 65 Grams
  • FIVE EXTRA STRINGS - Included With Every Yoyo Five Extra Color Yoyo Strings.
Supreme Yoyo Responsive Aluminum Yoyo with Extra Strings - Sidekick Lonestar Yoyo Series (Purple & Black)
  • ENTRY LEVEL YOYO - MAGICYOYO V3 is the best entry-level yoyo, style string trick (1A, 3A, 5A)
  • PREMIUM SURFACE - Responsive yoyo V3 made from quality aluminium 6061, stable and balanced high speed routines. Super smooth sand blasting finish surface never fade and not easy to scratches.
  • DUAL FUNTION - Professional responsive yoyo V3 brings standard slim responsive bearing, and comes with extra gift unresponsive kk bearing, from a beginner to be a dvanced yoyo player.
  • GREAT YOYO FOR KIDS - Elegant gift package for this alloy yoyo, which is a perfect gift for your kids, families and friends. Recommended for kids daily practicing or competition.
  • GIFT PACKAGE - 1 x Responsive yoyo V3, 5 x replacement yoyo strings, 1 x yoyo bag (storage all yoyo accessories), 1 x bearing removal tool, 1 x kk bearing, 1 x long axle (4mm*10).
MAGICYOYO Responsive Yoyo V3, Aluminum Yoyo for Kids Beginner, Professional Yoyo with Unresponsive Ball Bearing for Advanced Yoyo Players + Removal Bearing Tool + Bag + 5 Replacement Yoyo Strings
  • ❶Luminous Yoyo Grow In The Dark : MAGICYOYO K1 green is made of fluorescent material. Hold it up to a Bright Light and it will glow in the dark. Keep The Noctilucent yoyo under the light or in the sunlight for a few minutes to charge the glow effect.
  • ❷Responsive Yoyo: Plastic yoyo K1 assemble with standard narrow C ball bearing to make it achieve responsive. It will wakes up when you tug on the string like a traditional yoyo. If you like nonresponsive yoyoing, put in your own wide C bearing and you're all set. Suitable for basic yoyo tricks style (1A, 3A, 5A).
  • ❸Easy and Durable to Use : Made by high quality ABS material to make plastic yoyo k1 has a solid and smooth surface. Butterfly large wide shape fits well in your hand. Gives you lots of stability. Ball bearing Spins Longer. Easier to catch on the string for tricks like the Trapeze.
  • ❹Wonderful Gift: K1 is a cost-effective plastic yoyo , a perfect toy for kids, friends, families, etc. You don't need to use complicated tricks to return yoyo, Easy to learn and durable used. Recommended for Kids Daily Practicing or Competition.Including bonus accessories(YoYo glove, bag & 5 yoyo strings), and 2 extra plastic hubstack for damage replacement.
  • ❺Important Thing: (1) The string Come Off the Yo-Yo. Before beginning, make sure the yoyo string fits you, and you need attach the string on the yoyo by yourself (2) If There is A String Get Stuck: Remove the string firstly ②Take a look at whether the ball is loose and the two hemispheres must be tightened well ③ Attach the string properly.
MAGICYOYO Responsive Yoyo K1-Plus Glow in The Dark, Durable Plastic Yoyo for Beginner Kids, Hubstack Basic Yoyo with Narrow C Ball Bearing and Extra 5 Yoyo Strings+ Glove+Yoyo Sack Gift (Glow Green)
  • The Imperial is designed to provide long and smooth spins. Yo-yoing is known to help children improve their hand-eye coordination and is synonymous with many early learning environments at home or school
  • Classic Choice: this beginner’s yo-yo is often referred to as an American classic that still continues to attract children and teens. The plastic yo-yo is a great pick for learning the basics of yo-yoing and for those trying to perfect advanced yo-yo tricks
  • Material Used: the Imperial Yo-Yo is made from highest quality plastic for maximum durability. The modular design allows easy unscrewing of the halves for untangling the string or applying lubrication
  • Steel Axle: the raised axle allows the looping yo-yo to fit comfortably in the palm, delivering a smooth looping performance. The smart design helps beginners learn looping and basic string tricks
  • Product Specifications: Imperial Looping Yo-Yo has a narrow string gap and Starburst response system. It weighs 51.7 g and is available in a bright assorted color
Duncan Imperial Yo-Yo - String Yo-Yo for Beginners with Narrow String Gap, Steel Axle, Plastic Body, Looping Play , Assorted Colors
  • METAL YO-YO: This yo-yo is a combination of high performance, durability and high play value. Specially designed for intermediates and pro-level yo-yoers, it provides long and smooth spins.
  • DURABLE MATERIAL: Duncan high-performance yo-yo is made from precision machined aluminum. This playing yo-yo features a wide shape, wide string gap, and a high-speed ball bearing axle
  • RESPONSE: this metal drifter yo-yo is equipped with a silicone sticker, also known as response pads. It enables the yo-yo to return by increasing the friction on the sides of the yo-yo
  • COUNTERWEIGHT: This aluminum yo-yo includes a collectible skull counter-weight that facilitates players for counter-weight tricks. It is perfect for seasoned yo-yoers to practice new skills as they enter the realm of 5A.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Duncan aluminum yo-yo has 2.07 in. diameter, 1.55 in. width, and weighs 61.1 g. Small A-size bearing ensures longer spin time.
Duncan Metal Drifter Yo-Yo Colors will vary
  • THE YOMEGA MAVERICK: An aluminum metal responsive ball bearing Yo-Yo, features a wing shaped body design, a weighted perimeter, and a standardized C size ball bearing with internal silicone response pads
  • BEST CHOISE YOYO FOR KIDS: Designed for high speed spins, the Maverick is the perfect choice for learning how to master beginners and advanced string tricks.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE YOYO: The Maverick, made from aircraft grade aluminum, is very durable. Silicone return pads combine to deliver a super smooth, low friction spin.
  • MAVERICK ANATOMY: Maverick has clean body lines, weighs 60 g, and has a 52.3 mm diameter and a 2 mm gap width.
  • 3 MONTHS WARRANTY! To activate your warranty follow instructions inside your yoyo package or feel free to contact us.
Yomega Maverick - Professional Aluminum Metal Yoyo for Kids and Beginners with C Size Ball Bearing for Advanced yo yo Tricks and Responsive Return + Extra 2 Strings & 3 Month Warranty (Green)

Frequently Asked Questions

Companies like Stylezits and Yoyo Factory produces the best high-quality responsive metal yoyos. Most of these yoyos have metalcore and metal body but to make them lightweight some of their bodies are made with plastic.

These two are the type of yoyos found in the market. The main difference is that responsive yoyo will come back to your hand after being released while non-responsive one will keep on spinning at the end of the string. Depending on the type of yoyo, you can select different tricks to perform.